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Shipping & Chartering

Different solutions for different cargo !

Marine Chartering is a shipbroker acting as a vital link between shipowners and charterers who need to transport their goods worldwide.

Fix & Forget VS Fix & Care

Marine Chartering is NOT a « fix and forget shipbroker». It’s the «TRUSTED SHIPBROKER», the one who puts their client’s interest always first. To achieve this result Marine Chartering has been always focused on each party interest from the discussion of the main terms to the delivery of cargo.



What we do:

Marine Chartering provides all type of chartering services to the dry cargo industry: from spot fixtures and contract of affreightment to period fixture .

As Shipbroker, daily market advices and freight indications are provided to the customers to help them in facing the challenging and highly volatile dry cargo market.


What we do:

Working with tested and trusted operators, Shipbrokers and ship owners active in the coastal shipping, Marine Chartering is able to offer the benefit of scheduled sailings and parcel services between Mediterranean ports, in the Black Sea, as well as up to the Baltic and North Continent.

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